Month: December 2017


Anti-gravity technology based on the streams of time space kozyrev open to them when studying the volcanic activity of celestial bodies, based on the studies of Anatoly Kinderevicha and is that the flows can be controlled through a rotating Aluminum disc weighing more than 60 kg, at rotation one stream weakens and there is a effect of change of gravitation, as a side effect-acceleration or deceleration of time flow, confirmed by scientists of NAS of Ukraine experimentally on speed of decay of nucleus of the atom

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The technology of elongation of telomere and physical immortality lies in the effect on the telomeres enzyme telomerase (it is known in the world) which is activated when the blood level of oxygen 83-85 per cent (lying in a tent where the oxygen is supplanted Nitrogen from the cylinder) after 6 hours of stay in such conditions, that is to be 8-10 hours, it is achieved by breathing with the addition of nitrogen in the respiratory mixture, but not all telomeres lengthened, and only those who have open caps, to open caps All telomere need a day before to take the elixir of cold tea extract from the island of Okinawa in the name of which is the word “curry”
Rejuvenation is confirmed by the tests of the Bioage adopted ministry

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